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10 Things People Forget to Check When Viewing A Home For Sale

Details matter when looking for a new home. Don't forget to check out these 10 commonly overlooked things.

1. The Neighborhood - If the home that's for sale is in a neighborhood you don't know well, it's worth a few trips to the neighborhood during different times of day. Check out the neighborhood at night—is it a place where you'd feel safe once the sun goes down? Is the home in a college neighborhood where late-night parties may keep you up at night?

2. Cell Signal - If you rely on a cell phone for just about everything, check to see if you can get a signal inside the home for sale. If you can't get cell service, will this be a problem for you?

3. Commute - What will your commute look like? Test your commute from the house for sale. See what the morning and evening traffic is like. Also, check to see if people use your street as a cut through for their commute. 

4. Noise - This can be a big issue. Is there a plane or train noise? Is the home next to a freeway or a school that has early morning band practice?

5. HOA Fees & Rules - Do you want to paint the door or house a different color? Better check the rules of the HOA. Nothing can be worse than planning a remodel like adding wood floors to an upper level condo to later find out the HOA does not allow it.

6. Neighbors - Talk to the neighbors, they can give you great insight into the neighborhood and the home your looking at. Many times neighbors are happy to volunteer information about the home and the sellers.

7. Resale Value - A hot market or a slow market, consider resale value. If you sell when a lot of homes are on the market, will buyers still choose your home over others. Location, neighborhood revitalization or a busy street - will the home still be attractive.

8. Water Pressure - This can be a sign of old pipes. Check the pressure and see what type of plumbing the house has.

9. Bedroom-to-Bathroom Ratio - When it comes to bedrooms and bathrooms, you'll never regret having more bathrooms. Not having enough bathrooms can make you regret a home purchase. 

10. Room to Expand? - If you don't have kids now but plan to in the future, will there be enough room? What if a family member needs to move in, does the home offer space for an addition?

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